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All facets of a website’s design and operation, from the interface and graphic design to the UX and technical elements on the back end, are included in web design. As website design company our designers know that website should be easy to use, have the proper amount of information, and be bright and eye-catching without being obnoxious or distracting.

The action you want users to take and the steps to take to accomplish it should be obvious in your CTAs (calls to action). Additionally, a well-designed website has a unified look that gives each page a sense of unity. Any online projects require a suitable web design. Single landing pages and websites with numerous sub-sites fall under this category. Web design includes even the simplest of web page layouts with just one field for email address collection.

At Ways of Web, we make fluid and seamless websites which provide the best user experience.


Static web design consists of a website with web pages linked to one another by a logo made of text or graphics, simple design graphics, and content. We are leading website design company with professional web designers create a user-friendly, navigable, cross-browser compatible website design with readily downloadable graphics. Static websites are for those who want a website that is highly search engine friendly and has the material that visitors are looking for.

Static web design is your best option if you don’t need to frequently alter the content of your website and the information there is fixed. Simple adjustments may be made quickly and more significantly, it is far more affordable with a static web design. 

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You are at a right place as web development agency we assure you that your websites will seem sophisticated and appealing with dynamic web design, captivating visitors.  The website also provides simple navigation. We now live in a dynamic period where businesses are increasingly interested in selling their services and goods by making their websites interactive for the users and including elements like videos, live chats, cutting-edge graphics, and much more.

Without keeping up with the rate of technological change, no business can expand. They might end up being forgotten if they don’t follow suit. Similar to this, a website is a priceless resource for any business because it gives them a credible internet presence. Customers may switch to their competition if they ignore the trend of dynamic web sites.

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Nowadays, having a nice-looking, user-friendly, responsive website is crucial for any organisation. Before they phone you or complete a “request for quote” form, many customers conduct research online and look up your business and your competitors. Users often build their first impression of your business on the website. And if done properly, it may serve as your on-call salesperson around-the-clock.

Redesigning a website always involves a lot of effort. However, the pleasure of having a whole new internet presence that you can be pleased to display to everyone is the finest part.Businesses undergo a redesign process for a variety of reasons, but the main one is the outdated website.

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Any website where a user may make a purchase qualifies as an e-commerce site, to put it simply. Although there are many various types of e-commerce websites, Amazon.com is probably the most well-known. The item being bought may be tangible (like a book or article of apparel) or intangible (like a service or hotel reservation). Any website that accepts payments in return for goods or services is considered to be an e-commerce site.

As Ecommerce website development company, we gives you the chance to make your goods and services accessible to customers around-the-clock. It helps you reach out to potential clients and gives your business good exposure. Due to a lack of time, the majority of people prefer to shop online, therefore you can quickly generate more income. People can choose and purchase preferred things whenever they want with the aid of an e-commerce website.

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The user’s trip via the internet today is convoluted. People switch between many types of devices to access the internet, including smartwatches, laptops, desktop computers, TVs, and smartphones and tablets. You must make sure that your website looks equally excellent on screens of various shapes and sizes in order to give users the best possible experience. Because of this, having a website with a responsive design is crucial.

A responsive design will let you get the best of both worlds even if mobile devices still account for the majority of online traffic. It keeps the integrity of your website’s content while also adapting it to render appropriately on various devices, all the while making it more user-friendly. Any website can adapt to any screen size thanks to responsive design. It eliminates the need to create and manage two distinct versions of your website and makes mobile usage just as simple as it is on tablets and desktops.

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